About Us | Innovac Consulting

Welcome to INNOVAC CONSULTING, we are a digital agency


What we do:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Platform
  • Digital Marketing

About us

We are designers, developers and information architects. We design interactive tools that help brands build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. We design websites, digital campaigns, interactive applications, content management tools ... And just about anything that takes advantage of new technologies. Briefly, we are a digital agency.



Innovac Consulting is a digital agency with a deeply infused passion for technology. We help brands express themselves and connect with consumers.



Brand Strategy

The foundation that ensures success and helps measure it.

  • Brand positioning and identity development
  • User experience design
  • Information architecture
  • Sales strategy and ecommerce integration
  • International strategy and localization
  • Usability research
  • Analytics and site metrics


The tools that help a business sell and communicate better.

  • Brand website
  • Publishing or paid online content
  • Mobile web
  • Branded applications
  • Ecommerce
  • iOS and tablet applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

Digital Marketing

Uncovering fresh and authentic ways to connect with consumers.

  • Campaign Sites
  • Rich Media
  • Interactive video
  • Facebook applications
  • Game design and development
  • Interactive kiosk and digital signage